I've been working pretty hard on losing 15lbs..I'm pretty fit except around my mid section. Any tips on helping me lose the 10-15lbs of fat on my stomach?

Try to change your eating, healthy protein and vegetables. Stay away from sugar. Also, focus on High Intensity Interval Training. It will really help to burn fat around your tummy.

Guess What Day It IS!!!
Is it better to workout everyday of the week or workout 4-5 days and take a couple days off if you're trying to lose belly fat?

Give your muscles 1 - 2 days to recuperate from working out. So that’s exactly right, workout 4-5 days and take a couple days off. Also be careful not to work the same muscle group on consecutive days. Do upper body/abs one day, legs the next, then go back to upper body/abs on the third day.

Im 13 years old and im trying to get abs. Im currently doing a 30 day ab challange off of some fittness website, but i dont think its enough.. Do you have any tips that could help (like any Dailey work outs or foods to help)? I also dont think i have much fat to burn before hand because i can see the outline of my ribs

First, Abs are made in the kitchen. You can do a million crunches per day, but if you are eating crap, you aren’t going to get the look you are going for. Truthfully, abs are 80% of what you eat and only 20% of how you exercise. Stick with super foods like Almonds and other nuts, bean and legumes, spinach and other greens/veggies, Oatmeal, Eggs, Turkey, Chicken breast, Peanut butter (but not too much), Whole grain breads, Whey protein, Fruits (but not too much bc of sugar content). STAY AWAY FROM CANDY/SUGAR! You say you don’t have much fat, so try to work out your abs intensely 2-3x per week using circuits to get a great abs workout in much less time. You don’t need to do ab exercises to get a strong core. When you work your legs you work your abs if you focus exercises like front squats with a barbell/dumbbell, dumbbell lunges, or even push ups you will see more definition in your abs.

I weigh about 150, I'm trying to lose about 15-20lbs. I workout 5x a week and those are pretty tough workouts and eat pretty healthy. How long do you think it would take me to lose that weight?

I would say anywhere from 3 to 5 months depending on the intensity and how often you change up your workout. Also, eating healthy which you say you do. Cutting calories (but not too much) will help you reach your goal a bit faster, try to lose between 1 to 2 lbs a week to stay healthy.

I am completely starting over with my workout routine. I have taken a VERY LONG break because of a leg injury. I am SOOO out of shape! Also, I’m sad because I am no longer 19% body fat (remember I’m 6 ft tall! 19% is P.D. Good! :P) :( *tear* but I’m gunna work my way back to that! Get my diet right and workout again because I can!! I’m starting Jamie Eason’s Live Fit Program. I am on day 3. Here’s what I did today. (remember, I am starting over completely

Total Exercises: 6

Total Sets: 18

Total Workout Time: 35 hr

Total Cardio: 0:00

1 Leg Press

Leg Extension

Wide Stance Barbell Squat

Seated Leg Curl

Standing Calf Raises

Seated Calf Raises