Hey there! So I'm active, only when with others to motivate me. I play soccer which is great for me!! I love it! But off season I become extremely lazy and loose all motivation. I've tried just about anything. Any advice on what I should do?

Hey! I totally get it! As a former athlete myself I understand why your off season time is your down time. I found what helped me is actually keep playing the sport I enjoyed, which for you would be soccer. But don’t play to compete, just play for fun! It that doesn’t work for you, try something that keeps you in a competitive but fun mode. Just try doing things that are outside of your “box” like pole dancing, or crossfit, or swimming even. Get your friends involved also since that seems to help motivate you. Try to find a summer “goal” that you force yourself to reach. It’s mostly a mind block you’re putting on yourself and you just have to get past the normal off season down time.

How,do I loose the pooch at the bottom of my tummy?

Exercise and EATING RIGHT really help with belly fat! (especially eating right) Also, It may sound silly but practice your posture too. Try to always engage your abs in everything you do, even when your just standing there.

I play club soccer 2 days a week and do crossfit 2 days a week and I've been doing this for 5 months consistently. I just started running 4 miles a day and I eat super healthy and I don't eat any junk food or sweets or anything and I havnt lost any weight. People say that since I'm only 14 I can't loose any weight but is that true? What am I doing wrong?

You aren’d doing anything wrong! What a lot of people don’t know is that crossfit builds a lot of muscle. The reason you aren’t seeing weight come off is because you have probably built muscle. Have you noticed a difference in how you look? How your clothes fit? Don’t worry at all about the weight loss! You are on the right track. While doing crossfit it will take a while for you to actually see the weight come off the scale. But you should be seeing a difference and how you feel and look now. Just keep doing what your doing. It isn’t your age, it’s your workout. It’s a GREAT workout routine you have too! Keep it up!

Hi there! If I eat pretty clean everyday and try to do a 30+ min run at least 5x a week w about 10-15 min weights 3-5x a week could I get to 130-127 by the end of the year?? (148 rn)

You could absolutely reach your goal! Just keep up the good work and stay on track with your diet!!

I wanna lose fat a little quicker, so I'm changing my workout routine to Monday Wednesday and Fridays 25-30 min hiit and Tuesdays and Thursdays 30-40 min run and doing weights everyday and resting Saturday and Sunday. Do you think this will help me lose like 8 lbs by the middle if next month?

It will definitely help! But don’t forget to EAT RIGHT! Eating is really a KEY element in losing weight!

What's do you think a healthy weight for a 15 year old girl 5'7 is??

According to BMI charts, anywhere from 120 to 150. Maybe strive for a middle area like 130-140. However it really just depends on your body type and what weight looks healthiest on you.